Welcome to Music for Improv

Many years ago, Axel had this magnificent experience while attending a production of King Lear. Though he was familiar with the play, this particular performance stirred intense emotions in him. Upon reflecting he noted the remarkable flow and harmony between music and acting - both supporting and enhancing each other seamlessly. Ever since he has harboured this dream to explore what is possible, when music is used like a magical potion to create ideal circumstances for flow and harmony.

Have you perhaps pondered what is possible for your play in ideal circumstances? Would you like to experience mutual support and trust to improve your play? Have you wondered how to enhance flow and harmony with consistency? Would you like to experience what is possible, when a small group of dedicated people grow together into a cohesive performance group?

Axel is in the process of assembling just such a group with up to 10 regular players that are prepared to meet weekly for practice. The group will kick off in early October 2021 and it is open to experienced players as well as newcomers to the improv world. There aren't any prerequisites for music skills either, as Axel will be teaching all the required functions such as bass, harmony, melody, rhythm, and effects for music and improvising. Each player will enhance their skills in each function as a basis for seamless transitions between roles and positions. You will learn about creating moods and conjuring up feelings in the audience. You will learn to improvise leading and supporting in each position.

Axel expects the first year to focus on building harmony and flow in the players, while gradually building the skills to create and accompany songs for improvisation. The long term goal would be to improvise musicals by the end of the second year. And no, you don’t need to be able to sing, but who knows, perhaps building your musical muscles will help you discover your singing voice within you as well!

If you are interested and want to find out more or experience one of the early sessions before committing, let Axel know by September 22nd. The initial sessions will be open, so you can join to find out if this is for you before committing. By October the group should be ready to launch into regular practice.